Tao Lin’s Mom

in july, tao lin sent me ~15 lbs of things from his room. he included this little voice recorder that had some recordings on it. a few of the recordings were of him reading his mom’s dreams that she had written out for him. i transcribed one of them:

It is in the night and I went to the library. I parked our Honda CR-V outside of the library. For some reason I went out again and drove our SUV into the lobby, to have it parked inside, maybe it is safer. Then the car was outside again. When I left the library I found the SUV missing so I went inside to talk to the officer there. He took my car remote and pressed it to see which car would be lighted. If one is lighted, that one should be our SUV. He tried one side of the parking lot. When he pressed the remote, many SUVs were lighted. He said, “There’s your car.” [laughing] I said, “No, see, there are many SUVs lights lighted.” Then he tried the other side. Same thing happened. Every time he tried I looked very carefully. Those SUVs really look like ours in the dark, but they were bigger. They were vans. The officer said maybe I had forgot if I had parked my car in a parking lot, and I said, “no, I just went to pick out something in my car, and officer my car was parked there.” i felt so upset and did not know what to do. Gradually people left the library. The library in one room downstairs in the building became a yoga room, where people were doing their yoga there. Seeing people there made me feel safer.

November, 09 2012
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